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I Put My Faith In Jesus….

Salima (not her real name) was working on a Master’s in Public Health. As a child in Pakistan, she had tried to faithfully follow the Islamic law. “I started a strict regimen of achieving God’s favor,” she said, but her attempt ended in failure. Disillusioned, Salima gave up on religion.

She ended up working as a lab tech for Dr. Smith, a Christian professor at the University of Pennsylvania. One of Salima’s co-workers, Laura, was also a Christian and became a dear friend. They gave Salima a Pakistani Bible, and she began to study it with their help. She also accompanied Dr. Smith to meetings of Faculty Commons’ Faculty-Staff Christian Forum at Penn.

As Dr. Smith answered Salima’s questions about God, she says, “It started making sense. I started praying more and more to Jesus to show me the light and show me the right path. I prayed for knowledge of truth. The more I prayed, the more God revealed himself to me.”

“I put my faith in Jesus,” Salima says. “I feel very fortunate to know him….He is my Savior.”

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Whitney — University of Texas Student

Seeking God….

“Student interest in spirituality and religion is at a level not seen since perhaps the 1950’s. Colleges need to support the growing interest and activities of our students.”

— Dr. Rebecca Chopp, President, Colgate University

Seeking Answers….

“The major problem students face is not that their professors have set their minds against the God of the Bible. My colleagues teach as though the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob just simply didn’t exist.

“In a way it’s worse than saying Christianity is false. They are saying that Christianity is irrelevant.”

–Dr.Kenneth Elzinga, Robert C. Taylor Professor of Economics,
University of Virginia

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