Four Reasons

They Teach The Teachers

Each school day 50,000,00 students receive instruction from their teachers. These teachers not only instruct in facts and educational skills; they also pass along their values and world view.

Yet, these teachers themselves were students under professors. What if they had met at least one Christian prof during their education?

They Teach Our Leaders

We often think of the leaders in Washington as having a lot of influence.

While all nine Justices attended law school at either Harvard or Yale, they attended a variety of universities as undergrads. What if they had encountered Christian faculty back then?

They Spread Their Ideas

How did America get to where it is today?

"The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next"
-- Abraham Lincoln
Virtually every trend in our nation started as an idea on the university campus.

They Teach Somebody's Kid

This isn't simply about ideas or trends.

Professors teach somebody's kid or grandkid.. every day.
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