Guest Lectures

Veritas -- Penn -- DeHuff

Christian professors are speaking at hundreds of campuses in presentations called Veritas Forums. They may be at large scale events such as at the University of Pennsylvania (photo, right) or in smaller venues.


“Before I heard your lecture tonight, I did not believe in God. After hearing you speak, I guess I need to consider that there really is a God. I am closer.”

 —- a student’s response at Western Kentucky University to
“Stephen Hawking, the Big Bang, and God”
by Dr. Fritz Schaefer (Chemistry, Univ Georgia)

Here at the University of North Texas, our guest lectures have included:

“Scientific Evidence For The Existence Of God” by Dr. Walter Bradley (Mech Eng –Texas A&M; Baylor)

“Can Man Be Moral Without God?” by Dr. J. Budziszewski (Philosophy — Univ of Texas)

“From Radical Feminism To Mother Teresa — My Journey” by Dr. Mary Poplin (Education — Claremont)

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